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eFoil, the flying surfboard with an electric propeller: ride out your dreams!

A wave of progress is propelling watersports to a whole new level. We’d already experienced the foil, which gives lift to a boat or board for extra speed and a smoother ride. But this is the era of the eFoil, a board combined with a hydrofoil powered by an electric propeller motor. Silent and emission-free, this little technological gem lets you experience the thrill of literally flying over water. Ready to take off?

Created in 2017 by the engineer Nick Leason, the Lift eFoil is designed to let you fly over water – literally – at speeds of more than 25 mph, with no waves, wind or paddles required. It offers a host of major advantages: firstly, you can use your eFoil on almost any body of water – lakes, rivers or the sea. Secondly, you don’t need to be a professional surfer: a few minutes is all it takes to get the hang of the motor and embark on an exhilarating experience, whatever your level.


The eFoil: how does it work?

The eFoil operates using a small electric propeller motor installed underneath a long, thin carbon keel, meaning the motor is totally submerged. Energy is supplied by a high-energy-density lithium-ion battery inserted inside the board. The rider has full control thanks to a hand-held Bluetooth joystick (which is entirely waterproof, of course). On the sea, the eFoil offers ride times of around 45 to 75 minutes, depending on weather conditions and how it is used… The promise of some thrilling surf sessions on the horizon! Since the eFoil has an electric motor, noise and emissions are eliminated, and riders are free to enjoy a fun watersport. Surfing enthusiasts couldn’t ask for more.

Everybody can fly?

If you can’t wait to try out this gem of modern technology, you can order your eFoil online through Lift, the Puerto Rican firm which designed the concept, for $12,000  / €10,600. In other words, it’s not within everyone’s reach… But a serious competitor is already starting to emerge, helping the practice become more widespread: the Japanese brand Takuma Concept, which specialises in boards and foils, has announced the market entry of its e-takuma in May 2019. Recommended retail price: €6,500. What could be better? Suffice to say that the eFoil revolution is under way… And someday soon its price will really take off… Stay tuned!

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Crédit photos: ©Lift

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